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3 creative feijoa solutions.

3 creative feijoa solutions.

At this point, it is no secret that a lot of us wait with anticipation for this time every year, as we eagerly reintroduce one of our all time best sellers—the delicious feijoas (or pineapple guava, if you will)!

But how to tell when they are ready to be eaten? For starters, they smell absolutely amazinglike pungent aromatic guava or pineapples!

They will also be a little soft when ripe–similar to avocados. And If they’re still rock hard, simply place them together in a bowl for a day or two. Problem solved :)

Feijoas can be eaten at a tasty snack, though some people may not be the biggest fan of the skin. We love to slice them open and scoop out the fleshas you would with kiwi or passionfruit. Feel free to smash these back to back as Feijoas won't make you sick if you gorge yourself on them!

On that note, we thought it was only fair that we also highlight some of our favourite ways of using them in the kitchen, while they last…

Add Them Into Your Smoothies 

It’s the perfect healthy breakfast you can make at home! To start, have your feijoa chopped and peeled; place the bits and pieces into a blender with some bananas, spinach leaves, and ice cubes.

Once they become smooshy, slowly and gently add your favourite yogurt and milk until it becomes creamy. Don’t forget to top it off with some cereals as well!

Alternatively, you can also pair them with the kiwifruit—adding a little bit of greenery never hurts.

Make Your Own Feijoa Ice Cream (No Fancy Ice-Cream Machine Needed)

With plenty of feijoas that come with your purchase, why let them go to waste?

Just make sure that you freeze them in order to get the ice-creamy texture that isn’t too soft. To firm it up a little bit more, it’s as easy as placing it back in the freezer for another 20-30 minutes!

As a side tip, we recommend pairing it with other tropical fruits, such as avocados, pineapples, or passion fruit.

Have a look at the rest of the recipe here, courtesy of Nadia Lim media.

Adding Them to Your Cocktail

Mix it up with vodka, sugar, and lime! The bearing soft, sweet flesh, and subtle tangy flavour of feijoas are just right for spicing up your afternoon or evening cocktails.

To do this, "simply scoop out the flesh of two feijoas per Caipiroska and whiz in a blender for several seconds. Pour into a glass, add the sugar, squeeze in juice from lime wedges, add the wedges to the mix, then muddle just enough to dissolve the sugar. Add vodka and stir together. Fill another glass completely with crushed ice and strain contents over top. Garnish with a sprig of mint and extra lime if desired." Courtesy of The Denizen.

Have a picture of your DIY feijoa recipe? Post it on social media and tag us @eatthekiwihk!

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oil spray myths, debunked.

oil spray myths, debunked.

Oil—arguably one of the most important ingredients in cooking, and the pantry stable you can hardly live without. As with any cooking spray, or in particular that of Alfa Rice Bran, there are also a few myths about its use and health benefits.

So, we spoke to our in-house expert, Tim, who generously debunked some of the myths and outlined some important tips—from your cooking preference right down to the ingredients you're using—to look out for when you embark on your next tasty adventure in the kitchen. 

Ready to make sure your meal comes out extra delicious? Let’s have a read!

Your Air-Fryer Cooking Essential

Generally speaking, the best oils are high smoke point—or flashpoint—oils that won’t burn at high temperatures. 

Because air fryer cooking has the cooking element/coils close to the food, this gives ways to potential smoking and burning, compromising the taste of your dish.

As a ‘high smoke point’ oil, Rice Bran makes sure that your dish not only can be cooked the way it’s meant to be prepared, it also ensures that it tastes just right!

Low-Fat & Low-Calorie Cooking

Did you know that a one-second spray only contains about 7 calories and 1 gram of fat? In comparison, a tablespoon of butter and olive oil contain over 100 calories and 12 to 14 grams of fat, respectively.

If you are looking for a healthier diet, look no further!

Well, What About Barbecues

Not a problem at all! As you may already know, oil sprays are great for barbecues, and is usually preferred for lubricating your grills prior to cooking!

Just a heads up, never—NEVER—oil the BBQ; oiling the food is more than sufficient.

Keeping Avocados from Browning And Sticky Ingredients from Sticking

Fun fact: spraying an avocado with non-stick cooking spray can create an oxygen-proof barrier. It works—surprise!—better than rubbing on oil or wrapping the avocado with plastic wrap.

And last but not least—cooking spray keeps stubborn, sticky ingredients like honey or peanut butter from sticking to the inside of your favourite measuring cup!

After all, cooking spray is really just a pressurized and watered-down oil. So don’t worry if that’s not your thing, feel free to use olive oil or avocado oil as substitutes—they’re unique in their own ways!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @eatthekiwihk!

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foggy season goodness

foggy season goodness

It’s March, meaning the misty and foggy season of the year is in full swing! For those of us who fear the worst that humidity has to offer — which includes affecting our bodily functions and moods — fear not, as we’ve done some research and gathered a list of food that will help you with just that.

First of all, and this might surprise you, but increase your liquid intake!

We know this might surprise you, but it’s not without a reason — increasing water intake, according to researches, have the magical power of helping you mitigate mood swings, which is also one of the many causes of fatigue!

We aren’t just talking about water here either — try juices, teas, and of course, coconut water! What’s more, polyphenols — known for keeping your blood pressure levels and blood vessels in check, hence promoting good circulation — are found in young plants, including coconut water! They also make a natural source of antioxidants!

Also try out some bitter food

We get it — not everyone’s a fan of bitter food, but hear us out!

While the peculiar taste of many bitter and pungent-flavored goodness might not always be a popular item on the dinner table, some of these vegetables, such as broccoli and citrus (blood oranges, lemons, limes, and different grapefruits) are packed with calcium that help maintain your body’s core internal temperature!

High-fibre goodness are also good for you

Are you a fan of whole grains bread? As it turns out, high-fiber food such as berries, pears, peas, beans, potatoes (skin-on), and many other vegetables are also particularly good for this humid season!

Every single one of the these goodness has the ability to relax your muscle and nerve cells, as well as to increase the absorption of calcium in the blood stream alongside high levels of magnesium, helping you maintain a more constant body temperature!

Of course, this list is by no means conclusive — feel free to cater your meals to your own taste preference, but don’t forget to top them off with these healthy goodness!

At last, irregardless of whether you’re particularly sensitive to dampness or humid weather, the best tip that we can give is to eat seasonally! Stay in touch with us on social media @eatthekiwihk and find out what our latest seasonal products are!

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easter goodness

easter goodness

When it comes to Easter in New Zealand, us Kiwis have a long-standing tradition of observing the festival with…you guessed it, the Easter bunny!

And while a combination of leaves falling from trees and days getting shorter (hello, southern hemisphere!) accompanies us from Good Friday to Easter Monday, the same simply couldn't be said for Hong Kong.

Still, as a bunch of Kiwi foodies abroad, we do tend to agree it's the unspoken truth that food is our 'universal language.' On that note, simply ask, what’s Easter without a stomach filled with chocolate and hot cross buns? Let’s have a look!

Hot Cross Buns

Did you know that different parts of the hot cross bun have different meanings? The cross symbolises the four phases of the moon and the addition of fruit; eggs and honey are symbolic of fertility and plenty.

Even though today’s buns bear little spiritual significance, it hasn’t stopped our Kiwi friends at household brand Pandoro — a specialist boutique retail bakery that started in Auckland — from creating their very own hot cross buns.

Today, a full 22 years after its founding, the Pandoro brand has come full circle — by leveraging a combination of baker’s flour, salt, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and many more. 

And if there’s one thing you absolutely need on you dinner table this Easter, the Pandoro selections — inclusive of both chocolate and original flavoured buns — would not be the ones to pass up on.

Whittaker’s Easter Milk Chocolate Kiwi

Did you know that ‘kiwis’ were actually our native land birds? Well, for Easter this year, Whittaker has plan to bring back its holiday signature kiwi bird-and-egg combo, calling it the ‘Easter Milk Chocolate Kiwi.’

As a sustainably and environmentally-conscious company, we don’t just pay close attention to farming practices and source only from those who follow straight sustainable farming guidelines; we also take great pride in protecting different — not necessarily endangered — animal species…

That’s why we have decided to re-introduce Whittaker’s Easter offering, supporting their partnership with New Zealand charity ‘kiwis for kiwi’ to reverse the 2% kiwi bird population decline into a 2% growth — nice! Feel free to learn more about Whittaker’s initiative here!

When it comes to having a plateful of delicious goodness for your Easter holiday whilst protecting the environment, we simply recommend looking no further than our Pandoro and Whittaker’s selections!

Don’t forget to snap a picture of your Kiwi goodness and tag us on Instagram @eatthekiwihk for a chance to be featured!

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expert tips, steak.

expert tips, steak.

Steak — where do we even start? After all, it’s easy to name an occasion where a nicely cooked steak would be the perfect fit — new years, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, a random Tuesday night just to treat yourself, you name it.

However, preparing one that’s flavoursome, mouth-watering, the perfect 'doneness', well-seasoned and tender is a whole other business. 

Fear not — our in-house chef, Tim, has given us his best tips for the perfect steak.

To begin, all your need — aside from the steak — is coarse salt, black pepper, olive oil, butter, fresh thyme (or other herbs), and some garlic. The tip top, most important steps follow:

  1. Remove steak from the fridge and let it sit in room temperature for 30-45 minutes before cooking. This will ensure your steak cooks evenly. 

  2. Pat your steak dry with paper towels before seasoning — removing this outer moisture helps to give your steak a beautiful and crispy surface.

  3. Season liberally with coarse salt and ground black pepper on both sides prior to cooking. Add more salt than you think you should, half of it is going to be lost in the cooking! Don’t add any other seasoning at this point – save your fresh herbs for the pan.

  4. Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil into the hot cast iron skillet (the pan should be smoking just a little) just before adding the steaks, sear them for 60 seconds per side.

  5. Flip your steak every minute for a thin and even crust. Use tongs to flip your steak. Keep in mind that a fork will puncture it, and spatulas are just too slippery.

  6. Once the steak is about half done, add some butter, thyme (or other fresh herbs), and smashed garlic to create a hot baste to spoon over your steak until it’s finished. Keep in mind that butter adds moisture and flavour. 

  7. Once complete you must rest your steak  we can't stress this enough! The rule of thumb is to rest your steak for at least half the amount of time you cooked it for. This ensures the juices settle and the steam stays trapped inside. If you slice it too early you're at risk of a very bloody steak and moisture quickly escaping i.e. dry steak. No thanks!

  8. When it comes to slicing, go thin and against the grain for the tenderest bite (when you hold up a slice and pull at each end you should see the vertical lines of the grain).

For a thicker rib eye, feel free to turn the heat down a little after searing. Don’t forget to cook for a bit longer as well — a slower and lower pan will ensure all of the marbling gets properly rendered (i.e. the fat cooks out and adds extra flavour and moisture to your steak!). 

If your steak has a strip of fat on one side, place that side on the pan for 30-60 seconds. This will render it and make for a crispy and delicious piece of goodness (albeit naughty and somewhat unhealthy, it's about balance right?)

Finally, for a skirt or a thin flat iron, turn up the heat a little to make sure the outside gets a nice burn before the inside gets too well-done. 

For more information about cook times, do refer to the chart below!

There you have it! Don’t forget to take a picture of your steak and share with us on Instagram @eatthekiwihk, and if you have any further questions or info you think we should add to our guide of portioned steaks, give us a ping at hello@eatthekiwi.com — we look forward to hearing from you!

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valentine's goodness

valentine's goodness

At Eat The Kiwi, we are no stranger to the phrase “everyday is Valentine's Day when you are with the right person,“ but we also believe that with the right food, we can spice up your relationship a little.

How about a night of cooking together and mixing drinks, pretty romantic! We've decided to make your life easier by featuring some of our best kitchen — and bar — goodness that's bound to be useful on, and beyond, the14th.

From a romantic dish that takes centerstage at the dinner table to the sweet (and healthy) dessert that tops off your lover’s appetite, and the drink that you both ought to share after putting the kids to bed, we have just what you need here at Eat The Kiwi.

Starting off, we have our Roasted Langoustines (Scampi) with Lemon Herb Marinade. Treat yourself and your partner to some sustainably-sourced wild langoustine. The white, meaty flesh is sweet and delicate -- best left to shine on its own! We've also added just a few complementary flavours to keep the dish light and fresh.

Taking your intimate night to the next level, we have our favourite Honey and Ginger Glazed Carrots Recipe Kit and Green Beans with Lemon and Almonds Recipe Kit — they are like two peas in a pod! The strong and sweet flavouring of the former perfectly compliments the forgiving and slightly sour taste of the latter, it’s almost as if they’re made just for this romantic occasion!

We get it — having 2 side dishes just isn't enough. That’s why we also recommend The Caker’s Coconut Raspberry Kaffir Lime Kit. We all like a little bit of sweetness in our lives, whether it’s through romance or the simple pleasure stemmed from a tasty dessert. With The Caker, you are guaranteed to be pleased — the intensely fresh and fragrant flavour will be your best company well into valentine evening.

There simply is no match for this raspberry laden cake, and it’s definitely not one to miss for this romantic yearly occasion.

To wind down after your romantic evening — or if you have kids and just want some intimate time after they have gone to bed — how about a sip of red? Thankfully, we at Eat The Kiwi have prepared a selection of wine. 

And if you would rather DIY your own drinks, how about our Scapegrace Gin Kit? Sharing is caring, and that begins with sharing your love of relaxation (read: gin) with your significant other.

Bruce Springsteen once sang, “Everybody’s got a hungry heart.” And with it -- sugar, anyone?

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toxin & taboo-free periods.

toxin & taboo-free periods.

Did you know that 1 in 10 students in the United Kingdom misses school due to menstruation, and that figure goes up to 1 in 3 in South East Asia? This figure is a staggering reminder that menstrual stigma does hinders our advancement towards gender equality. 

So, in a not-so-typical Eat The Kiwi fashion, we would like to bring your attention to the latest introduction to our product lineup — say hello to LUÜNA naturals!

Founder Olivia was born in New Zealand (our home!) and educated in the UK. And while her exploration throughout Asia was a glorious adventure that has taken her from Shanghai to Hong Kong, it was the limited access to tampons in Asia that ultimately raised her eyebrow.

Recognising that something wasn't right—and that change needed to be made, only so access to health & wellness products could become easier—Olivia began her research into the effects of menstrual stigma.

Between 2016-2019, Olivia carefully examined the environmental consequences of the traditional period care industry’s use of synthetics and toxic chemicals in their products.  And LUÜNA was born.

Today, eat the kiwi is excited to support this brand and introduce the product lineup including Organic Cotton Liners, Organic Cotton Tampons, Organic Cotton Day Pads, as well as the Organic Cotton Night Pads--all of them made with super soft and breathable organic cotton, keeping your body healthy, comfortable and irritation-free.

Let’s also not forget that Luüna imports their organic cotton from farms that have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, so it’s a more enjoyable experience for you, and a healthier planet for all of us :)

Adding to all of the work that Olivia has done for us (yes—us!), LUÜNA is now a social impact company that strikes a “balance between essential products and positive social and environmental impact, championing menstruators and leading taboo-free education in Asia and the UK.

Feel free to learn more about LUÜNA naturals here, or follow them on Instagram @luuna.naturals to receive the latest updates!

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recipe kit by peggy chan.

recipe kit by peggy chan.

From managing Hong Kong’s first fine-dining vegan restaurant Grassroots Pantry and overseeing Nectar, to publishing her own digital cookbook Provenance and heading sustainable food consultancy Grassroots Initiatives, Peggy Chan has seen and done it all herself.

When Eat The Kiwi launched in Hong Kong 5 years ago--back when we strictly supplied top restaurants, hotels and clubsGrassroots Pantry was one of our first customers! Over the years, Peggy has been using lots of kiwi goodness with the Raglan coconut yoghurt, the Secret Garden salad mix, and Frenz eggs often making appearances on the menu.

In a 2019 interview, she even spoke about Grassroots Pantry being a channel to “offer something that is unconventional,” by “creating a holistic impact in our society.” The main driving force behind Peggy’s work is simple, groundbreaking, and inspiring.

But just what did Peggy mean by “unconventional"? Eat The Kiwi had a chance to find out, as Peggy recently became our first chef partner—pioneering our chef recipe series by first cooking up the Moroccan Mushroom Hemp Wraps with Cilantro Coconut Raita.

This recipe emphasises a plant-based diet, evident through its use of Food Nation’s Mushroom Hemp Magic Mince. Yet, if there was one thing that makes it truly spectacular, it would be how seamlessly the Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Raita went together with the wrap—mixing chewy with soft, warm with cool.

And the good news doesn’t end there—packing together fresh mushrooms, legumes, herbs and spices means you’re being treated to a delicious and healthy meal.

While mushroom brings to the table (literally) a source of Vitamin D—an important component in bone and immune health, legumes offers a dietary and soluble fibre—helping us keep our blood cholesterol levels. Herbs and spices, on the other hand, comes in handy with its health benefits that include improving brain function and memory, lowering blood sugar levels, and creating an anti-diabetic effect.

All in all, we just can’t find an excuse to turn down a simple, healthy and delicious meal like this one.

With tasty dish comes huge prizes—snap a photo of your finished wraps and tag us at @eatthekiwihk and Peggy @chefpeggychan, and be in to win a table for 4 at Ma... and The Seeds of Life  (4 x 4-course set lunch and a bottle of prosecco, valued at $2,000)—who could turn that down?! Winner will be announced on Feb 254th via email.

As Chef Tina Barrat herself put it in an interview with Hong Kong Tatler, “making everything from scratch in the kitchen reveals the true taste of the food and nourishes the body as it was naturally intended to do,” said the jewellery designer-turned chef. “I’ve always intended that my cuisine should build a bridge between vegans and non-vegans.”

Frankly, we couldn’t care less if you're strictly vegan—this is a meal for all! Including plants in your diet and reducing the amount of animal proteins you consume is important for the fate of our planet, and as you'll know, mother nature is always considered at eat the kiwi.

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new goodness, NZ scampi.

new goodness, NZ scampi.

At Eat The Kiwi, every so often we find ourselves contemplating if what we have is considered “best of the best” or rather, “rarest of the rare.”

When it comes to scampi — specifically ones from New Zealand — though, we can tell you with 100% confidence that we have the best of both worlds!

To start, New Zealand scampis are rarely found in Hong Kong, and are usually only reserved for the top restaurants. Still, this is hardly surprising given that these lobsters measured at 15-20cm in length is protected by New Zealand’ Quota Management System, limiting its catches to only several tons a year.

Putting things in perspective, Langoustine — commonly known as Norway lobster — has catches of up to 60,000 tonnes a year. What a staggering difference that is!

To further pinpoint whether you’re looking at NZ Scampis, be sure the check that they are caught from one of the following 4 locations: Campbell Plateau, Chatham Rise, Wairarapa Coast, or the Bay of Plenty.

With lifespan of up to 12 years, that’s plenty of time for these Kiwi goodness to enjoy all the clean and pristine water that surrounds the New Zealand coastline!

Now, how do you care for these delicacies once they’ve arrived at your doorsteps?

First and most importantly, gently place them inside the freezing compartment of your refrigerator with temperature no higher than -18°C. Scampis can be kept frozen anywhere from 3-6 months!

When it comes time to enjoy them, only defrost them 2 hours before eating — rinse them off with water until the bodies soften up. To keep the shrimp paste from going bad, never defrost them overnight nor under room temperature.

Once they are ready to be cooked, simply follow the step below:

1. Peel off the shell but keep the head and tail sections intact.
2. Devein the shrimp and remove the sandbag.
3. Place the entire scampi in ice water for one minute.

There you have it! Start eating by first peeling off the tail and ingest every bite from the tail up.

As a side note, this creamy and outrageously delicious dish is best served with 2 slices of lemon on the side. This is entirely up to you, though we do strongly recommend it for aesthetics and taste reasons!

In the usual Eat The Kiwi fashion, we like to keep things short and sweet, and let pictures do the justice — tag your scampis @eatthekiwihk!


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new goodness, seedlip.

new goodness, seedlip.

With healthy eating and drinking on the horizon — and no less with the holiday season just around the corner — we thought this might just be the right time to share with you the answer to the age old question “what to drink when you’re not drinking.”

With the introduction of Seedlip in late 2015, the choice for those not drinking alcohol has since welcomed a much needed addition. The good news is, while Seedlip was originally rooted in the English countryside, you are now able to make your own choice of alcohol-free cocktail using the award-winning drink!

Grove & Cola Six

To start, prepare 50ml of Seedlip Grove 42, 30ml of Cola Six Syrup, 90ml of soda water, and 1 orange twist.

Step 1 — Add liquids apart from the Soda to a Collins Glass.
Step 2 — Fill your glass with plenty of ice to avoid melting (and diluting your drink), top with Soda and lift the drink to mix. 
Step 3 — Garnish your drink with the Orange Twist.

Spice Club

While this one might be a little more complicated to make, the result is truly worth it. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Prepare the following ingredients: 50ml of Seedlip Spice 94, 20ml of Fresh Lemon Juice, 20ml of Raspberry Cordial*, 25ml of Egg White, and 3 Fresh As Whole Dried Raspberry.

Step 1 — Add liquids and egg white to a shaker, then proceed to dry shake them.
Step 2 — Add ice into the mix, shake and double strain into a coupe.
Step 3 — Garnish with Dried Raspberry & Lemon Oil.

*Raspberry Cordial: prepare 250ml of Water, 200g of White Sugar, and 10g of Fresh As Raspberry Powder. Add all ingredients to a pan and simmer until all solids are dissolved. Fine strain, through coffee filter if necessary into a vessel. Store refrigerated for up to one month, and your 250ml of raspberry cordial will be ready!

“The days of lime & soda are over, sugary carbonated or fruit juice-based drinks just won’t do.” This is the beginning of a drinks revolution, and an end to feeling left out at drinking and social events.

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hong kong's best turkey.

hong kong's best turkey.

With thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season coming up, our team at eat the kiwi thought we would let you in on a secret that we’ve kept to ourselves for so long - cooking a moist and succulent (read: delicious) turkey.

Look, we get it - people in Hong Kong are busy, impatient, and price sensitive. To address these concerns that you may have, we have since gone back to New Zealand and brought back with us what we believe is Hong Kong’s best free-range turkey.

For starters, our sourcing process involves no middle man, meaning not only are we able to fast-track the purchasing work, we are also able to bring in our shipments from overseas with a lower cost - savings which we share with you!

Second of all, and perhaps most importantly, our free-range turkeys have access to fresh air and lush pastures 24/7. Forget about cages and practices of force-feeding - our turkeys get to roam freely whilst foraging on bugs and grass as they please!

Still, finding yourself the right turkey is only step one, properly cooking one presents another set of challenges. Rest easy, though, as we have prepared just the right recipe you :)

The good news here is that preparing our tender basted turkey doesn’t require any brining or constant basting during cooking, as these have already been done prior. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Thawing your turkey is the most import step before cooking - simply leave it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before cooking.
  2. Preheat oven to 160’C and place the turkey onto the oven pan as you would for a Roast Chicken.
  3. For an extra moist turkey, wrap in streaky bacon to help the moisture stay inside. 
  4. Rubbing lots of butter between the skin and meat will help the moisture retention too. 

Cooking times for Tegal’s turkey range between 2 hours and 35 minutes to 3 hours and 10 minutes, depending on the size of the turkey, which you can find on the back of your turkey packet!

Once you finish cooking, simply let it stand covered for 15-20 minutes before serving, so you can make sure the juices are distributed through the turkey.

And for the final step, simply insert a skewer into the thickest part of the meat. To make sure that the bird is cooked, simply check for juices and make sure they run clear of the turkey!

There you have it. Not too difficult, right? Order your Tegal’s tender basted turkey today, and document your journey on Instagram - we'd love to see your masterpiece! Don’t forget to tag @eatthekiwi_homedelivery.

Happy early festive season foodies. 

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free october goodness.

free october goodness.

With October coming up and the temperature coming down, it’s not only clear the autumn is in full swing; but for all eat the kiwi customers, it also means you'll be able to receive yet another Freebie of the Month - woohoo!

In collaboration with 'Taste NZ' this ones our biggest yet. All orders over $1000 will be able to enjoy our newest recipe kit for free*. And as if that’s not good enough, we’ve partnered up with Villa Maria, and prepared a match of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc aswell - a gift to leave you feeling as happy as a clam!

What's so special about this recipe kit?

Our Steamed Garlic Soy VermicelliI Storm Shell Clams Recipe Kit is a famous Chinese dish with a Kiwi twist.

We’ve replaced what would usually be scallops with our Cloudy Bay Storm Shell Clams. The large, single serve clam has two distinct flavours—the tongue has a rich aroma of cream and a sweet flavour of clean, fresh scallops; the body has a deep, sea kelp aroma and a flavour reminiscent of crayfish.

The Kit's made to feed 4 and contains all of the key ingredients you'll need to put it together along with a easy to follow recipe card and of course, a bottle of wine...

Upon opening your bottle of Villa Maria Wine, you'll immediately be greeted with the smells of lemongrass, jalapeño's and fresh herbs. As you begin zipping away this delicacy, you will also also taste the natural wine acidity, as well as traces of ripe citrus and tropical fruit flavours.

Though as all avid wine drinkers would tell you, often times it’s the location of the winery and the vintage year that truly matter.

The 2019 Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc showcases everything fresh and vibrant about Marlborough—situated in the northeastern tip of the South Island, where the cool climate from its Awatere Valley with cool alpine winds and fresh sea breezes are accompanied by the Wairu Valley’s warmer summer months, with dry north westerly winds.

Sounds like a match made in heaven (or should we say New Zealand), doesn’t it?

We will leave you with a bit of room for imagination as to how these delicacies would treat your taste buds.

To receive your Cloudy Bay Clams recipe kit with wine match for free, simply place your order as usual then;

1. add the "Steamed Garlic Soy VermicelliI Storm Shell Clams Recipe Kit with Wine Match (Serves 4)" to your cart

2. use the code CLAMS at the checkout (this will reduce the price of the kit from $588 to $0) 


*While stocks last. Available for one use per person.

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