Green Beans with Lemon and Almonds Recipe Kit (Serves 4)

Eat With Us! Our Eat The Kiwi recipe kits contain a recipe card with step by step instructions and all of the key ingredients you need to make it!

This dish is also commonly known as Green Bean Amandine. When you break it down, it’s hardly surprising that the dish is a hit: snappy beans, crisp and just cooked; coated in butter with crunchy little flakes of almond, golden and toasty; a good amount of garlic and a lift of lemon. This simple and delicious side dish won't out compete our main but will be tasty enough that you're guests will be asking for your recipe as soon as they smell it cooking.

This kit includes:
Green Beans
Unsalted Butter
Raw unsalted almonds

You'll need:

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