Scapegrace Gin Kit (ingredients for 3 recipes & shaker, makes 12 drinks)

Drink With Us! Our Eat The Kiwi recipe kits contain a recipe card with step by step instructions and all of the key ingredients you need to make it.

We've created a gin kit using Scapegrace Gin. It's great for impressing friends when they come around for a drink or you could give it to them as a gift.

The kit includes:
• 1 x bottle Scapegrace Gin (700ml)
• 1 x Cocktail Shaker
• 4 x Lemons
• 2 x Oranges
• 20g J.Friends and Co Manuka
• 1 x 6 pack of Woodland eggs
• 4 sprigs Fresh Rosemary
• 1 x 4 pack Fevertree Tonic (200ml)
• 1 x 4 pack Fevertree Soda (200ml)
• 3 x Recipe cards (Bees Knees, Silver Fizz, Rosemary Citrus)

You'll need:
• Ice
• Fine/ Caster Sugar
• A couple of mates

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