hong kong's safest salmon.

September 15, 2020

hong kong's safest salmon.

When we think about salmon in 2020, some of us will without doubt associate the highly sought after ingredient with COVID-19 lingering on its surface. And we don’t blame you! After all, there has been no lack of reports suggesting that the novel coronavirus is capable of leaving its traces on seafood of various kinds.

At eat the kiwi, we would like to restore your confidence on our salmon, imported from two of New Zealand’s most trustworthy suppliers - Big Glory Bay and Aoraki Salmon.

For those of you who don’t know already, Big Glory Bay is an island—about the size of Hong Kong—rested amongst the pristine waters of a bay accessible only by sea, and fringed by the bush-clad shoreline of the Rakiura National Park. 

Being in the part of New Zealand closest to the South Pole does give it the advantage of having cool water—averaging at just 14’C, hence allowing their King Salmon, amongst other seafood, to grow slower with ample time to develop distinctive flavours.

But that’s not it to Big Glory Bay’s story—traceability has always been their focus.

Under their partnership with Oritain, the world’s leading food origin verification providers, each of one BGB’s salmon is given a tag, which then allows for full traceability. In short, this means we can help you avoid food frauda true big step forward!

With COVID-19 changing the way we consume food, it only makes sense that we know exactly where our food come from. As such, eat the kiwi is also proud to let you know that our suppliers are raising their salmon in large sea pens with zero GMO feed!

New Zealand is more than just its world famous adventure capital of Queenstown, or the stunning landscapes of Milford Sound, Mt. Cook, Tongariro Alpine Crossing and their likes. When it comes to its food, this small country has left its mark as having one the world’s strictest food sustainability standards.

But what does that mean?

Let’s take Big Glory Bay as an example. In order for their salmon (and all other seafood) to reach your residence inside our eat the kiwi boxers, they have to first make sure that their growing and harvesting processes adhere to New Zealand’s traditionally strict regulations.

Amongst them are the Resource Management Act (RMA) of 1991 and the Fisheries Act of 1996. Additionally, they are also required to hold the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification, one that’s often regarded as the world’s most trusted comprehensive and proven third-party aquaculture programme.

Of course, New Zealand isn’t just home to one salmon fisher. About 670km north of Big Glory Bay is another BAP-certified supplier - Aoraki Salmon, operating their own hatchery located within the Issac Conservation Area near the Kiwi capital of Christchurch.

Their salmon are grown in the glacier-fed waters of the hydro-canals in the Mackenzie Country, where the infamous Mt. Cook (the English translation for the Māori word ‘Aoraki’) is located!

At the helm of providing you salmon (and other goodness) from New Zealand is our core belief that protecting the environment should sit at the forefront of our business. Just like Aoraki puts it, “our goal is to work with Nature and follow its lead. Respecting the place, the weather, with our ethics and our commitment to sustainability. Always.”

We at eat the kiwi have no doubt that Big Glory Bay, along with Aoraki Salmon, will continue to be Hong Kong's safest salmon, and we truly hope that you believe in the same by joining us in consuming some of the world's most recognised sustainable and 100% traceable food source.

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