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new goodness, first light.

new goodness, first light.

There are 5.6 sheep per person in New Zealand, meaning lamb is quick to come to mind when we think about the Kiwi food culture. But there's a new secret we're ready to let you in on, this one more of a 'quality of quantity' situation...

Coming to your dinner table this week is First Light’s Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef.

Their story begins in Hawke’s Bay, a lovely town tucked into the eastern part of New Zealand’s beautiful North Island. With no lack of fresh water, clean air or sunshine, Jason, Greg, and Gerard - the founders - have had the ultimate advantage to build First Light upon. 

Since 2012, First Light’s Marbled Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef programme has continuously prided itself on grass feeding 100% of its animals on free-range pastures. To put that in perspective, some 95% of beef in the US market are grain-fed for up to 180 days!

Additionally, its GMO-free beef is among the few that have been named the world’s best by Forbes magazine, and can only be found in the US (where they started out serving an exclusive club of 200 lucky people), United Kingdom, France, the UAE, and now - of course - Hong Kong.

First Light beef comes from a collective of 61 farmers committed to sustainable ranching. The beef they produce is Certified Humane, Halal, and sustainably raised with no antibiotics, GMOs, or hormones, ever.

At eat the kiwi we've got a range of First Light Grass-Fed Wagyu cuts which can be delivered to your door. We'd recommend starting with the Rib-Eye, not only because of its more forgiving to over-enthusiastic cooking but because (as the First Light team put it) “If Mohammed Ali was a steak he would be a ribeye - big, confident, sassy and super cool.”

Still, procuring the right ingredients is only a small part of bringing to life the delicious meal that you deserve. Keep reading to discover the cooking tips you need for that tasty dish you’re dreaming of, courtesy of First Light.

1. Remove your Rib-Eye from the refrigerator an hour before cooking. Bringing the beef to room temperature will allow for more even cooking. 

2. Season your Firstlight Grass-Fed Wagyu with salt and pepper on both sides.

3. Sear your Wagyu in a pre-heated pan for 1.5-2 minutes each side, before moving to moderate heat to finish cooking.

For more information, click here to visit First Light’s very own recipe page, where you can find your unique journey to deliciousness.

There you have it -  next time you think about New Zealand food, perhaps it won't be all about lamb and wagyu will get some time in the limelight too.



今個星期eat the kiwi為您帶來來自First Light的草飼和牛肉。

First Light來自新西蘭北島西部的一個小鎮 —— Hawke’s Bay。當地人口稀少之餘,風景宜人,而且空氣清新。充足的陽光配上潔淨的清水,這些完美的條件為創辦人Jason、Greg和Gerard締造了得天獨厚的環境,讓First Ligh將來自新西蘭的和牛帶到世界各地。

自2012年以來,First Light的Marbled Grass-Fed Beef計劃堅持自然放養,並以草餵飼所有動物。相反在地球另外一邊的美國,高達95%的牛隻則以穀養方式餵飼多達180天!除此之外,由First Light出品,非基因改造的和牛肉更曾受福布斯雜誌公認為世界最佳選擇之一,並在世界各國出售,當中包括美國、英國、法國、阿聯酋和香港。

First Light的和牛是61個堅信可持續牧養的牧場的成果。他們的牛隻以人道方式飼養,並絕無使用抗生素,基因改造或激素。

eat the kiwi為你挑選了一系列First Light的草飼和牛肉,並提供一條龍服務,將這些上等和牛由新西蘭直接送到您家門口。眾多食材之中,我們建議您可從肉眼扒開始體驗這一系列來自新西蘭的味覺享受,因為它不僅比較容易烹調,亦正如First Light所說,「如果拳手Mohammed Ali是一塊牛肉,他將會一塊重量級、自信、而且超級酷的肉眼排。」

但想要煮出一頓讓人不能挑剔的佳餚並不可單靠優質的食材。所以,First Light亦為您帶來烹飪小貼士:

1. 在煮食前一小時將和牛從雪櫃中取出解凍

2. 用適量鹽和胡椒將和牛調味


如欲了解更多,您亦可瀏覽First Light的獨家食譜,煮出讓人垂涎三尺的好菜。

下次當您想起新西蘭,您或許會想到First Light的和牛,又或者會想起上星期介紹過的清酒。eat the kiwi總能夠一次滿足您3個願望 —— 由購買食材、運送至提供食譜,為您提供一條龍服務。

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