Pics Peanut Butter (Smooth, Unsalted, 380g jar)


If you have not tried Pic's, we are unashamedly confident you will love it enormously. 

There are up to two ingredients in Pic's peanut butter. Peanuts, and sea salt. You always get the peanuts, but there is also the option of 'no salt'. For the 'no salt' jar, 'no salt' appears on the front panel in white and has a tasteful white band around the edge of the lid.

Pic's uses a speical type of Australian nut which are a Hi-Oleic variety, which have some pretty special characteristics, beyond being, as the name suggests, a bit oilier than ordinary nuts. The best of these, in Pic's view, is that they don’t seem to oxidize – they never go rancid in the way that ordinary peanuts do. Hi-Oleic nuts other feature is their enhanced nutritional value, full of life-enhancing polyunsaturated oils antioxidants.
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