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LUMINA LAMB neck fillets, 6 pieces (Frozen, 1kg)

Size: Min. 1kg
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This is not simply lamb, this is LUMINA LAMB (formerly known as TE MANA LAMB).

LUMINA LAMB has emerged from an unprecedented 10-year programme with lambs specifically bred in the New Zealand high country. This unexpected discovery is leading a revolution in the world’s best restaurants. The project discovered a sheep with a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 with marbling on a micro‐scale.

As a home chef of Eat The Kiwi, you are the first in the world to have direct access to this. The numbers are limited from week to week though so be sure to get in quick if you are wanting to add this to your order!

LUMINA LAMB is frozen after 21 days of ageing! This ensures consistency in the lamb and enables this seasonal product to be available year-round. 

Best defrosted slowly in the fridge over a day or two. 


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