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FRENZ Free-Range Organic Eggs (Case, Size 7, 180 eggs)

Unit Measure: 1 case (180 eggs)
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 53g - 61g each

When you choose Frenz eggs, you’re choosing to join a growing number of people like us who believe our food is better the way nature intended. Clean, natural pastures and small flocks result in eggs that are higher in protein, lower in saturated fats and that contain three times more natural Omega3.

Frenz utilises USDA and MPI approved systems that wash, sanitize and seal each and every egg that passes through the packing shed. This process is specifically designed to remove bacteria, listeria, salmonellas and other harmful contaminants that can exist on the surface of the shell.

This case contains 6 trays of eggs. Each tray contains 30 eggs, so you're getting 180 eggs total.

Best kept chilled. Can be kept at room temperature too - forever day the eggs are at room temp, the best before will reduce by 3 days.


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