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Looking for premium, sustainably sourced fresh meat that you can order online, and get delivered straight to your home in Hong Kong? We pride ourselves on being one of Hong Kong’s top online grocery shops that focuses on providing premium quality meat that is grass-fed, free-roaming, sustainably farmed with no added hormones.

What are the benefits of buying meat online in Hong Kong?

Over 95% of the food you find in grocery stores across Hong Kong is imported, which can make knowing about the origin and quality a bit tricky. The advantage of oderdering your meat online with Eat The Kiwi, is that your knowledge on where your food has come from and how it was produced is readily accessible!

Understanding everything we possibly can about our products is equally as important to us as it is for you. Before introducing any product to our virtual shelves, we learn everything we can to ensure it’s in line with our own ethos and high standards. Working directly with all of our suppliers makes this easier. Knowing about your food is something you can rely on us for.

Handpicked to ensure only the best quality, all the meat that we stock in our online shop in Hong Kong thrive on natural diets with no added hormones. Whether it be lush green grass, fresh produce, or high-quality homegrown feed, our free-range chicken, bacon, beef, venison and lamb live longer and had happier lives. Resulting in a healthier you!

When you buy free range, grass-fed, sustainably farmed or organic meat from us online, you’ll have an abundance of both choice and information!

Some of the meat options we have available in our online shop include:

  • Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken
  • Hellaby’s Grass-fed Minced Beef
  • Grass-Fed, Free-Roaming Beef
  • First Light Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef
  • Heller’s Free-Range Bacon
  • And more!

Order high-quality, organic grass-fed and free-range meat online in Hong Kong from Eat The Kiwi now!

How will the meat I’ve ordered be packaged when it's sent out for delivery?

We strive to be kind to the environment, meaning if plastic packaging is not needed we simply won’t use it. Our meat comes packed in recyclable boxes lined with biodegradable Wool Cool, which you can throw away as normal – it will naturally compost on its own in the landfill.

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Got a question about buying and ordering meat online for delivery to your home Hong Kong or just simply want to know when a specific cut is back in stock? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to help!