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LUMINA French Rack with Fat Cap (Frozen, min.520g)

Unit Measure: Single Rack (minimum 520g)
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This is not simply lamb, this is LUMINA LAMB (formerly known as TE MANA LAMB).

Lumina lambs are born and raised in the New Zealand hill and high country. Through rigorous standards and meticulous processes, Lumina lamb is 100% natural, free range, grass-fed and finished on specially cultivated chicory herb pastures. The meat itself is finely marbled and enriched with high levels of naturally occurring Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. It’s characterised by a mild aroma, light pink to pale red colour, and a tantalising, lighter-bodied texture.

As well as a host of excellent health attributes, Lumina lamb offers a delicate taste and tender texture. Its consistency and quality allow for total reliability and ease of preparation, and breath-taking, innovative dish creation.

For more information please visit Lumina Farms

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