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Zenkuro "Drip Pressed" Junmai Ginjo Sake (750ml)

HK$310.00 HK$359.00
Unit Measure: 750ml
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Zenkuro are New Zealand’s first and only sake brewers and have multiple awards at London Sake Challenge. All sakes hand-brewed in small batches with the utmost care by the team at Zenkuro. 

Using Japans finest Sake Rice and ultra-soft alpine water from New Zealand's Southern Alps, Zenkuro gives a unique taste of a collaboration between New Zealand and Japan's world-class ingredients. 

Zenkuro "Drip Pressed" Junmai Ginjo Sake sake is crafted using the most extravagant pressing method. The fermented mash is poured into bags, which are hung up to allow the sake to gently filter through the mesh, using gravity alone. While the yield is low, the sake produced is highly refined. Perfect for fine dining and pairing with delicate flavours.

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