Te Mana Lamb Shank with Broccolini & Mash Recipe Kit (Serves 4)

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This kit is particularly special as it's part of our chef series. 'The Lamb Kit' has been created by Chef Silvio Armanni (Executive Chef of Octavium - 1 Michelin star). Chef Silvio has been using TE MANA LAMB since it launched in Hong Kong. He uses it in one of his signature dishes (which now features in the Michelin guide!). Silvio's created this recipe using the lamb shank, it's simple to prepare and full of flavour - perfect for making at home.

The Lamb Kit includes the following:
4 TE MANA LAMB shanks (frozen)
2 shallots
1 can Cere's organics whole peeled tomatoes
1 Meyer lemon 
1 pack fresh thyme
250g broccolini
1 bulb garlic
3kg agria potatoes
1 recipe card

You'll need:
Rice bran oil 
Ground coriander
Dry red wine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Unsalted Butter
A dutch oven/ casserole dish

To learn more about TE MANA LAMB, Chef Silvio Armanni and his trip to NZ, click here. 

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