The Caker Banana Cinnamon Oat Crumble Cake Kit (Vegan)

We are utterly obsessed with this cake kit. It makes an incredibly moist cinnamon-spiked cake which isn’t too sweet (it is, in fact, made with coconut sugar so is completely refined sugar-free) and is the best way to use up ripe bananas. The cake gets topped with an oat crumble, which is laced with sea salt and cinnamon.

You’ll be surprised at your ability to bake something this delicious with such little effort!

This kit is vegan-friendly (if you use dairy-free oil instead of butter) and is made with organic spelt flour so will suit some people with gluten intolerance.

- Banana Cinnamon cake mix
- Oat Crumble mix
- Non-stick cake tin liner
- Recipe card

All you need is:
butter or oil
- bananas
- 8-inch cake or cupcake tin

Makes 1 x 8-inch cake or 9 - 12 cupcakes


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