Roasted Langoustines (Scampi) with Lemon Herb Marinade Recipe Kit (Serves 4)

Eat With Us! Our Eat The Kiwi recipe kits contain a recipe card with step by step instructions and all of the key ingredients you need to make it!

Our sustainably sourced wild langoustine (or scampi if you're a Kiwi) live in burrows on the New Zealand seafloor. They're a small member of the clawed lobster family and easily recognised by their pink and orange banded shell. The white, meaty flesh is sweet and delicate and best left to shine on its own! In this recipe, we've roasted it and added just a few complementary flavours to keep the dish light and fresh.

This kit includes:
1kg (8-10 pieces) Wild Langoustine/Scampi
Fresh As freeze-dried coriander powder

You'll need:
Olive Oil