Pamu Deer Milk Bread Recipe Kit (6 buns)


Pāmu Deer Milk is an exclusive and rare ingredient. Rich in protein and high in fat, it has a delicate and deliciously creamy taste that leaves a silky mouthfeel.

Pamu Deer Milk is the perfect ingredient to make homemade Hokkaido Style Milk Bread, as it offers double fat content and a sweeter taste, compared to other milk. This results in a deliciously rich and slightly sweet bread.

Eat With Us! Our Eat The Kiwi recipe kits contain a recipe card with step by step instructions and all of the key ingredients you need to make it! 

The Pamu Deer Milk Bread Recipe Kit includes:
1 x Sachet Pamu Deer Milk (170g)
1 x Agugiaro & Figna L'Italiana Traditional Flour (1kg)
1 x Yeast Sachet (7g)
1 x Mainland Unsalted Butter (500g)
1 x Woodland eggs (6 pack)

You'll need:
Caster Sugar (1/2 cup)

Unit Measure

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