Brussel Sprouts (500g)


Nutty, crunchy, sweet and soft, Brussel sprouts are deliciously savoury morsels of goodness! If you're not a fan it's quite possible that you only know them for a limp texture, bitter taste and horrible smell. This is easy to avoid, it's all in the cooking.

It's very important not to overdo them. Not only do they lose their nutritional value and taste but they will begin to emit an unpleasant sulphuric smell!

Raw? Give the leaves a little olive oil massage first to soften the leaves.

Roasting? The goal is a beautifully browned exterior and creamy soft interior. Use butter for extra goodness.

Sautéing? Be sure not to overcrowd the pan to ensure a rich caramelisation.

Consider pairing them with bacon, you won't regret it (unless you're a vegan).
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