Anchor Uno Yoghurt Pouch (Vanilla, 100g)


We all know kids need plenty of good fuel to help them grow big and strong and Anchor Uno pouches provide just that. Alongside calcium, vital for growing strong teeth and bones, Uno pouches are a source of iron, folate, zinc and vitamins B6 and D, important for supporting the immune system. Iron, folate and vitamin B6 also help boost energy levels. 

Anchor Uno is also free from artificial colours and flavours and very low in sugar (it's New Zealands lowest sugar kids yoghurt!). But most importantly, when it comes to feeding kids, they taste good. Uno Vanilla is a deliciously naturally flavoured yoghurt and there are no 'bits' to fuss over. And being in a convenient pouch, the kids can enjoy this tasty snack anywhere, any time too.

Try freezing them so they are cold when the lunch box comes out!

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