Manuka Honey Glazed Ham Recipe Kit (Serves 8-10)

Eat With Us! Our Eat The Kiwi recipe kits contain a recipe card with step by step instructions and all of the key ingredients you need to make it!

Our freedom farms hams are pre-cooked and naturally wood smoked so, all you really need to do is remove the wrapper and get to serving. But, going to the trouble of glazing it is well worth it. This recipe uses a simple manuka honey glaze that caramelizes further as it roasts, resulting in a sticky, sweet and smokey ham perfect for shaving thinly at the table – and some would argue, even better for the boxing day leftover ham sandwiches.

This kit includes: Freedom Farms Ham (min. 3.4kg), Cloves, Manuka Blend Honey (250g), Unsalted Butter (500g)

You'll need: Wholegrain mustard (2 Tablespoons), Brown Sugar (200g)

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