Grazing Board Bundle

Elevate your grazing board game with our bundle of grazing board goodness. 

This grazing board bundle contains:

1 x Val d'Elsa Mixed Olives (200g)
1 x Kiwibites (50g)
1 x Whitestone or Over the moon Brie Cheese (125g)
1 x 180 Degree Lavosh Crackers (150g)
1 x Prosciutto Crudo (Fresh, Thinly Shaved, 100g)
1 x Salami Milano (Fresh, Thinly Sliced, 100g)
1 x Pear (each)
1 x Whitestone Windsor Blue Cheese (110g) 
1 x Fruit Paste Quince (120g)
1 x Whitestone Aged Airedale Cheese (110g)

Worried about that pear going brown? Drizzle it with honey-like we have, it looks great and makes for the perfect cheese match.

Serves - 6 hungry people, 8 snacky people.